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New: Black Watch (Weathered)

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We're delighted to announce that from today you can now order a pair of Gunn & Grant Tartan Trews in Weathered Black Watch.

Black Watch Weathered Tartan

Black Watch is a classic tartan and is always in and amongst our top selling tartans. With it being so popular we thought it would be great to have another variation to choose from. We love the muted tones of the weathered version and just know they'll look fantastic as a pair of Gunn & Grant Tartan Trews. If you are struggling to choose which Black Watch tartan to go for, we've written this handy guide.

What is The Black Watch?

It's common knowledge that there's a military connection to the tartan but what exactly is The Black Watch?

Part of the fallout of the First Jacobite Rebellion of 1715, was the Government's wish to create a peacekeeping force to police the lands and deter inter clan fighting and raiding. They recruited trustworthy men from loyal clans including the Munros, Frasers, Campbells and (our favourite) Grants.

The familiar tartan that is so popular today was originally tied around the body as a long plaid. This was their uniform and because it was dark and these new soldiers were keeping watch over The Highlands, the name 'Black Watch' stuck.

Today The Black Watch serves as the 3rd Battalion as part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.



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