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5 Events for Showing Your Scottish Pride with Tartan Trews

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Sporting a pair of tartan trews is a great way to show off your Scottish pride as well as your unique taste in style!

There is no doubt that tartan trews are a fashion statement, which is why people can often be intimidated to wear them. Like other more formal pieces of clothing, tartan trews can hang unused in wardrobes for far too long.

That’s why today we are going to show you five events where you will be applauded for rocking your Scottish pride in a pair of tartan trews!

1. Weddings

While a kilt is a more traditional choice of clothing to wear to a wedding, tartan trews are becoming more and more popular!

You are able to dress your outfit up or down when using tartan trews as the focus of your outfit.

With a smart pair of shoes and a nicely fitted jacket, you are going to make a fashion statement without detracting from the main event, the bride and groom.

2. Funerals

Funerals are a perfect place to don a pair of tartan trews and pay tribute to someone of Scottish heritage.

There are lots of more muted tartan tones that will be appropriate for the occasion. Sharing in Scottish traditions at a funeral is an excellent way to honour the memory of a loved one and your choice of clothing is just one way to contribute to that.

3. Sporting Events

Tartan trews are making their way into more casual occasions! They can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and the right shirt, so don’t count tartan trews out when you’re going to a big sporting event!

People have been showing their pride for their country and their sporting teams through fashion for years and years. Wearing a pair of tartan trews is a great way to show your national pride and support for your favourite team, whether it be football, rugby, or another team.

Tartan trews bring a more sophisticated style to sporting event attire. You can wear them in the stadium or if you’re just a part of a live-viewing at a pub! Tartan trews capture the festive energy that comes with a sporting event while still elevating your look overall.

4. Golf

You can actually wear tartan trews while you are participating in a sport- golf!

Tartan trews go along with the existing golf fashion perfectly. Wearing a fitted pair of tartan trews out on the golf course is going to make you stand out and fit in at the same time.

Tartan trews are comfortable to wear, so they won’t feel stuffy and too formal out on the golf course. They are great for walking long distances and won’t get in the way of your golfing game.

Additionally, since the oldest golf course in the world is located in the great country of Scotland, golf is the perfect place to show off your Scottish pride!

5. National Holidays

We hope that you feel confident in wearing tartan trews on any special occasion! National holidays are a time where everyone is dressed in their finest pieces of clothing, which allows you the opportunity to rock a pair of tartan trews.

Tartan trews can be as festive or subdued as you like since there are so many different colour palettes for tartans!

Wearing a nice pair of tartan trews on New Year’s Eve, Boxing Day, and religious holidays like Easter and Christmas is a way to add a cheerful and jovial feeling to family events.

You can wear these out to church, at more formal family dinners, and even out to an event on these national holidays. You are likely to turn a few heads and even have other people wishing that they had a pair of tartan trews for themselves!

Made to Order Fishtail Trews

How To Wear Tartan Trews

Besides just the occasions that tartan trews can be worn at, the way you style them is very important!

There are two primary types of tartan trews. There are those with the traditional waistband, and those with the fishtail back. You will want to style your outfit around which type of tartan trews you have chosen.

Keep it traditional with your Prince Charlie or crail jackets, or keep it formal and fresh with dinner jackets and tailcoats. We love this topic so much we wrote a whole blog post about it!

Remember, you can have a smashing ensemble prepared, but it won’t matter if the fit isn’t perfect!

We believe that the fit is so important that we have a measuring service where we will come to you! Live in Edinburgh? Or maybe you are just visiting? We will go to your house or office to take your measurements. Don't worry if you live a little further afield though. Order one of our tartan sample and measuring kits and we'll send you all the information you need, plus a measuring tape! Order a pair of tartan trews and if you need alterations well they're on us.

Wear Your Tartan Trews with Pride

Originally, tartan trews came into play when it became impractical to wear the traditional kilt at cold weather events. But now they are a modern take on an age-old tradition!

There are a ton of different tartans to choose from, from the ancient styles, the national, the muted and the modern. Take your time selecting the perfect tartan. If you do, your ensemble will speak for you!

Wear your tartan trews to show off your Scottish pride at any event of your choice! Push the bar beyond just formal occasions like weddings, funerals, and golf outings and try wearing these pants at sporting events and on national holidays.

Have any questions about tartan trews? Make sure to contact us!


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