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Men's Wedding Outfits: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have a wedding to attend in the next few weeks or months? You're probably going to have to dress more fashionably than you do day-to-day (unless you happen to be a very fashionable man to start with, in which case, never mind!)

You want to look your best, but what even goes into men's wedding outfits? The women (often) wear dresses and look great, but what are men supposed to be wearing? 

We're here to help sort out your fashion woes. Keep reading to learn about how to dress for a wedding no matter what your style is. We've got you covered. 

Men's Wedding Outfit

Look At the Dress Code

First, before you start worrying, take a look at the dress code if there's one listed on the invitation.

Some couples have themed weddings and have something in mind as far as the colour scheme goes. Others have casual weddings and don't care about what you're wearing if you're not in the wedding party.


It's also helpful to check where the wedding is going to be located. An indoor wedding will require a temperature-appropriate outfit. A beach wedding will need an outfit that's resistant to sand.


When in doubt, ask the bride or groom what they have in mind. 

Upper Body

When it comes to dressing the upper half, there are a lot of options in menswear. You're not going to be wearing a casual t-shirt or flannel (unless the couple has given you the clear) and you might be accessorizing.

Let's talk about a few things that you can mix and match to get your ideal wedding outfit together.

A Well-Fitted Button-Up Shirt

Everyone needs a few nice button-up shirts in their wardrobe. They're good for casual wear, semi-casual wear, and even formalwear. They're a neutral starting point for the rest of your outfit but you can still show off a bit of colour if you have a personal style to display or you want to match your date.

Many menswear sections and shops at the mall offer button-ups, but they're often poorly fitting and frumpy.


You want to opt for something that fits your shape so that you can add the rest of the layers to it without looking bulky.


An Undershirt

When you're wearing a nicer dress shirt, you want to wear an undershirt underneath. This can be a sleeveless top or a short-sleeved top depending on your preference.

An undershirt serves several purposes. In the event of a chilly outdoor wedding, it provides an extra layer of warmth. If you get too warm at a wedding, it helps to prevent sweat marks or stains on the dress shirt. Those can be embarrassing when you're at a formal event.

A Blazer

Blazers are a popular choice for the fashionable man at a wedding. There are many varieties to choose from in all different cuts, colours, and styles. 

Unless you're going for a stylistically "baggy" look, try to get one that conforms to the shape for your body. You want a tight and neat appearance when you arrive at the wedding.

Blazers are often taken off once the "party" part of the wedding begins, so don't worry about being too warm.


A Waistcoat

Waistcoats are coming back into style, and for good reason. They look classy, you can choose to pair them with a blazer or not, and they make your outfit look more unique. They're also a less warm option in comparison to the blazer.

Waistcoats should also fit close to the body. If you're wearing a blazer, you can choose to contrast the vest with the blazer or match. Either style works as long as you wear it well. 

Lower Body

When you're looking for what to wear from the waist down, you have limited options in comparison to the women.


You want to find a pair of pants that are well-fitting (remember, we don't want bagginess unless it's intentional) and fashionable. You don't want to be pulling your trousers up all night and you don't want to be uncomfortable because they're too tight.

You should go with something that meshes well with whatever you're wearing on top. If you've opted for all black, making a bold choice and going with a print for your pants or trews can be a great way to show off your style without outshining the couple. Bold doesn't mean casual; you can wear a bold pattern and still be wedding-ready.

If it's appropriate, you can also opt for something like a kilt. This is still formal enough to get by at a wedding, but make sure that you know your audience first. If a couple has a dress code, they may not be interested in the kilt look. We find tartan trews are a sure fire winner every time though!


A wedding is an occasion that you want to accessorize for. There are plenty of accessory options for men that look nice enough for a wedding.

While braces/suspenders have gone out of style, they're great for underneath a blazer or vest and they're making a return. They're multipurpose: they keep your pants up and they're stylish. What's not to love?

When pairing your outfit with the right tie, try not to go too bold with it unless you're matching it to something else. Bold trousers can match a bold tie, for example. 

While standard ties are more popular, a bow tie looks great if you opt for braces. 

Men's Wedding Bow Tie

If your pants need it, make sure that you wear a belt that doesn't stand out. Go for either a colour that matches your trousers or something neutral and inoffensive like black or brown. 

Men's Wedding Outfits Are Refined, Stylish, and Formal

When you're going to a wedding, you don't want to stand out for the wrong reasons. Even if you're not normally interested in being "well-dressed", a wedding is a time for closer attention to your style. Men's wedding outfits shouldn't be outshined by the women's wedding outfits.

For more information about how to stay true to your style or to purchase some of our tartan trews in time for the wedding, visit our shop.


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