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Introducing The Gunn & Grant Fishtail Back Tartan Trews

After months of development and painstaking refinements, we are delighted to unveil the newest addition to the Gunn & Grant store.

Our fishtail back trews are, as you would expect, handcrafted from the same highest quality 16oz pure wool tartan that make up our Argyll trews. They are a response to a growing demand to offer a second style. It's a simple fact - some of you like to wear braces (or is it suspenders)! Well now you can! Our beautiful fishtail trews will be made for you with pre attached buttons so that a set of braces can be easily fastened on. No kilt belt required.

Fishtail back trews are often regarded as the more traditional of the two styles and are sometimes referred to as a 'military' style. Although you will find many military personnel opting for fishtail when donning trews, there is much contention as to what a military pair of trews actually is - some will insist that for a pair of tartan trews to be truly considered military, they have to be made with no outside side seam.

At Gunn & Grant we are a little more relaxed. This is in part due to the fact that the worlds of highland wear and fashion have in recent times converged and now the 'rules' have become increasingly blurred. Trews have evolved and are now worn as one part of a huge variety of outfits. So Gunn & Grant trews are made to the highest standards, with a side seam, and worn by military and non-military wearers alike.

Considering a pair of Gunn & Grant Fishtail Back Trews? Order one of our tartan sample and measuring packs to see our beautiful tartan fabric up close.


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