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Stop Hiring Tartan Trews! Here's Why.

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

If you are going to wear tartan trews, you really should buy your own pair. Sure. it may seem easier and less expensive to hire for an event, but in reality it's a false economy and when all is said and done, you can wave goodbye to those worn out, poor quality trews the next day. When you buy your own made to measure tartan trews, you will be proud of them and of course you will have them for the next event as well!

Why Tartan Trews?

Bringing it back to basics, tartan fabric is made in so many different colours and patterns, plus it's a signature of Scottish culture. It is woven using dyed threads that form alternating stripes. When you purchase your own tartan trews (made to measure by us of course!), you can be sure they've been made to a high standard (hired trews are often made in a lower grade wool) and you can wear them again and again.

Tartan fabric is made in different weights, ranging from a very lightweight 10 ounce material up to a heavyweight 16 ounce. Here at Gunn & Grant we generally favour this heavier option - it's superbly robust and drapes very well. However, we can usually accommodate requests for a medium weight 13 ounce tartan. You can choose! And that is a huge reason to buy your own tartan trews rather than hiring. Plus there is no better way to show off your Scottish pride.

Made to measure tartan trews.

How to Measure for Tartan Trews

Hired trews are offered in set sizes and lengths and there's no guarantee your choice will be available. Our trews are made to order as standard. But before you take the plunge, we can send you a fabric sample.

You will receive a swatch of our premium tartan as well as a measuring guide and tape measure. It is so straightforward to take your measurements and send them with your order. Once you receive your custom tartan trews, if you need alterations, they are free! It is so easy to order your very own customised pair of tartan trews that you will be happy you decided to stop hiring.

Be Bold and Unique

It is easy to dress like everyone else and save special clothing items such as this for special occasions. However, you can be bold and unique anytime you want to. When you buy your own pair of tartan trews, you will stand out and express who you are. In addition, because they are made to measure, they will actually fit! This will quickly elevate them to your favourite item hanging in the wardrobe.

When you rent your tartan trews, you quite possibly won't have time to ensure the perfect fit. Often you don’t receive the clothing until just before the event. When you buy your own pair you will know that they fit, and you will have plenty of time to make sure that they are exactly what you want them to be. When you arrive at the event, you will look stunning and feel fantastic.

Do I Need to Be Scottish?

No! You do not need to be Scottish to wear your own tartan trews. If you pay attention to fashion (this isn't essential), you will notice that tartan fabrics make their way on to international catwalks year after year. There is something magical about it. Although tartan fabric has a close association with Scottish attire, people of all nationalities wear this wonderful creation.

Although there are Scottish clans that identify with particular colour schemes and patterns, you can choose whatever colour and pattern you like best. With so many different choices, you will have no trouble finding the one that is perfect for you. If you were hiring trews because you're not Scottish then stop that behaviour!

fishtail tartan trews.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Tartan Trews

There are a number of potential inconveniences when your hire tartan trews. First of all, you don’t really save any money in the long term. Add up the event invites from the past and extrapolate forward. Now cry at the amount of money you'll spend over a lifetime.

Secondly, your tartan trews may not fit well and you won’t have time to send them back. When you order your own tartan trews, you will have a pair that fits well and is perfect for you because it is custom tailored.

When you hire tartan trews, you have no say over the quality of the fabric. With Gunn & Grant, you can be sure that the wool is some of the best in the World. Also, we have seen how the hiring industry works. You would be horrified at how many people have worn the trews you've hired before you - and they are often patched up from years of abuse. Also, the choice of tartans - sometimes only two - is rubbish!

Final Thoughts

If you are going to an event and have occasion to wear tartan trews (so pretty much every event), it may seem that the easiest thing to do is to hire a pair. Don't! Choose a tartan and we'll make you a beautiful pair of custom trews. Don't hire. Buy them and love them.


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